Lawn Care


Weekly mowing services to ensure your lawn will always have the best curb appeal. Our crews are very knowledgeable and experienced in turf care. Weekly services include mow, string trim, and blow off all hard surfaces each visit.


Whether it's weekly to bi monthly. We can manage to keep your landscape beds clean and weed-free. We can pull or spray weeds in all rock or mulch beds. Giving you a great look all season long. Also ask about our pre emergent product we can apply to your landscape beds. Safe for all plants, flowers and shrubs.


Everyone hates those pesky weeds. Allow Elite Lawn Services' five-step turf application program to keep your lawn green and weed-free. We are fully certified with all licenses in the state of Iowa. Each applicator employed with Elite Lawn Services is knowledgeable and willing to concur any project.


One of the hardest things to do while trying to achieve your lawn's curb appeal is trimming bushes. Allow our team to take care of that for you. No need to get out the ruler and string of yarn to make sure each bush is trimmed to the same level. Our professionals will show up with up-to-date equipment that has sharpened blades ready to tackle any pruning job. This service is generally performed two times a year.


Having unwanted trash and debris in your lawn after a long winter is not fun. Why stress about it? Have Elite Lawn Services come out for an affordable per-man hour or flat rate quote to take care of it. We will pick up all trash, debris, and fallen branches that have occurred over the winter months. Giving your lawn a clean look for the start of the season.


For an affordable hourly rate, allow Elite Lawn Services' professionals to clean up all unwanted leaves. Whether they are from your lawn or the neighbor's down the street, we can take care of them. No job is too big or too small. Our services include removing leaves from lawns, decks, landscape areas and disposing off site.


Once a year, your lawn should look different from others in the neighborhood. Allow Elite Lawn Services to come and core aerate your lawn. Core aeration will improve lawn health, improve air exchange between the soil and atmosphere, enhance soil water uptake, improve fertilizer uptake and use, reduced water runoff, enhance turf grass roots and reduced soil compaction.