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Snow & Ice Management

(Commercial Only)

Snow plowing

Clearing your parking lot areas from curb to curb. We have educated our employees on where to pile snow. Each individual operator is given a custom-built colored map of your property that is designed from your initial meeting with Elite Lawn Services regarding your snow removal service.

Sidewalk clearing

All sidewalks will be cleared, including along all curb lines by the building, in order to give each store front a clean look.

Sidewalk salting

After each time we have completed shoveling all walkways, we will apply environment-friendly ice melt at the correct rating to ensure no slips and falls will occur. We pride ourselves on not having snow-related accidents.

Parking lot salting

Whether it's each time we provide snow removal services or call outs during a heavy ice storm, Elite Lawn Services can take care of all slippery areas in your parking lot. We have the latest and greatest equipment to ensure timely services to your parking lot.

Parking lot sanding

Parking lot sanding is a great service to have Elite Lawn Services provide for you. Parking lot sanding is a very cost-effective way to help avoid liabilities. And if you’re worried about sand at the end of each winter, we can clean it up with our parking lot sweeping services.

Liquid de-icing

Got ice? If you’re looking for a NOW de-icing service, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Our liquid de-icer will destroy all snow and ice buildup that has occurred on your property. We'll also be environment and concrete friendly.

Snow relocation

Whether it's pushing back current piles on your property or completely hauling snow away from your property, Elite Lawn Services has the equipment to handle any task.

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